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  • Backyard Project 2020 Call to Creation

    Let’s back to workshop! For the second year, Wheels and Waves is running a custom motorcycle contest. Ten projects will be selected from and exhibited during the festival, to showcase the skill and encourage the audacity of amateur and professional bike makers.

    Held for the first time in June 2019, the inaugural edition of the Backyard Project was striking for the diversity of the entries – cafe racers, flat trackers, electric and neo-classical motorcycles. Equally striking were the entrants’ profiles, which included young bike makers, new workshops and talented amateurs. The ten winning customizers benefited from a first class display of their creations, and all agreed that it led them to fruitful exchanges with new talents and inspiring people and sometimes to initiate new collaborations.  It was Pierre Etienne’s Ducati racer, aka the Kerozin Workshop, which won the jury’s unanimous vote and which will be exhibited at the 2020 Artride (a jury which featured notably Jeremy Tagand, head bike builder from Deus Ex Machina, and Pascal Tomek, Motul). Given the great interest generated by all the entries, this year we’ve decided to involve  Visitors, who will be able to vote.

    Take your chance! Are you working on a customization project which is awaiting to be revealed? This is the right time to get back to your workshop and fine tune your entry. Send your application to

    Competition rules:
    The Backyard Project is a custom motorcycle competition open to both amateurs and professionals. The competition is aimed at revealing the creativity and skill of future and established talents in the field, without any restrictions on style. Electric or petrol engines, old or modern cycles, bobbers, choppers, café racers, scramblers or others…..only the display of the mechanics, and its harmony with the overall design of the motorcycle will be up for judgement. The winning motorcycles will have never been previously displayed, and will be unveiled for the first time to professionals and the public during Wheels and Waves.

    How to enter:
    Ten projects will be selected. Please send your entry to, before 29th February 2020, accompanied by a presentation of your universe (your garage, your collective, your motorcycles and/or other personal creations, sketches, photos, blog, Instagram account) and of the philosophy of the project created for Wheels and Waves 2020.

    The motorcycle must be totally completed and ready to ride before 15th May 2020. The selected candidates will be informed of their participation by email.

     Stand organisation:
    In order to encourage exchanges with visitors, the winning motorcycles will be permanently exhibited onsite throughout the duration of the festival. A Wheels and Waves military tent measuring 10m2 (5.4m X 2m) will be supplied for each project, and can be set up by the entrant in accordance with the motorcycle’s design, while respecting the aesthetic of the Village:   use of ‘natural’ materials (metal, canvas, wood, plants), and no plastic, banners or PVC. Lighting will be provided.

    Backyard Project Jury
    A jury composed of five iconic faces representing the world of Wheels and Waves – guests, journalists, designers – will decide the winner of the Backyard Project 2020. The jury’s visit to each booth will be unscheduled and will take place during the first three days of the event, when the judges are available. Besides jury vote, a percentage will be dedicated to Visitors vote. The project winner will be revealed on Sunday 14th June on the main stage in the Village.

  • Hit the Deck podiums

    Creativity : Vincent Coupeau

    Best Line : Hugo Westrelin

    Longest Slide : Teiva Kailany

    Highest Air : Julien Béchet

    Versatility : Peter Bocalini

    Ben Raemers Homage prize : Mickaël Germond


    1-Hugo Westrelin
    2-Peter Bocalini
    3-Sacha Pinon


    Hugo Westrelin

  • Log Invitational podiums


    1-Alice Vedrine
    2-Emilie Libier
    3-Amaya Gomis


    1-Nathan Sadoun
    2-Clovis Donizetti
    3-Jules Lepecheux

  • Palmares Garage Shapers Exhibition

    1-Xavi Lafitte
    2-Mathieu Crepel
    3-Cornelius Accoh

  • Palmares Backyard Project
  • Deus Swank Rally 2019 podiums
    1-Antonio Silva
    2-Jacobo Pellejero
    3-Sacha Hebrard
    1-Bruno Guyard
    2-Thibault Guyard
    3-Fred Tombait
  • Punk’s Peak 2019 podiums

    Punk’s Peak 2019 podiums :

    PRE 50

    1. Troy Corser
    2. Hadrien Fabre
    3. Kazuo Fukuda

    POST 75

    1. Paul Young
    2. Patrick Esser
    3. David Papilloud

    PRE 75

    1. Marc Holstein
    2. Eric Roux
    3. Jérôme Allé


    1. Eric Benedicto
    2. Jeremy Legodou
    3. Manuel Huguet

    120, 160, 200, 250km… Whatever your choice is, here is the handsome Pays Basque map including 4 « routes » !!!

    Drive safely, respectfully downtown and outside the city! Be a Hero Next Door!

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  • Wheels & Waves 2019 newspaper is out

    – Manifesto
    – Village map and practical information
    – Races and contests explanations
    – Complete Artride, music and cinema program

    BACK TO THE ROOTS! ⚡️The Wheels & Waves 2019 newspaper is now available. You will find there all the information needed to get yourself ready for the festival. See you in less than a month 🤟🏻

    The paper version will be available in the village, at the skatepark and in a selection of hotels, restaurants, shops and other establishments in Biarritz and its surroundings.

    Big thanks to our partners Indian Motorcycle, Breitling, Honda, Motul France, Deus Ex Machina France – The Tenement of Tenacity, BMW Motorrad France, BMW Group Classic, Royal Enfield, DMD, Moto Heroes..

    Access to the newspaper

  • Guest Alert : Troy Corser

    Pleased & honored to welcome the 2 times superbike world champion Troy Corser 11 who will attend Wheels & Waves 8th edition with BMW-Motorrad x BMW Group Classic.

    Troy will participate @ Punk’s Peak Sprint Race & much more… 😉

    Event ▶︎ Wheels & Waves 2019 – Official Event

    Ticket ▶︎