Backyard Project

Juin / Juillet 2021

Wheels and Waves

10 Years - 10 projects

To highlight “Savoir faire” and support the creativity of bike builders of all categories, Wheels and Waves is renewing its custom bike creation contest. For the 10th anniversary of Wheels and Waves, 10 projects will be selected and exhibited during the festival.


Like the last Prize winner, Kerozin Workshop, whose bike will be exhibited this year at ARTRIDE, the 2021 winner will be exhibited at ARTRIDE 2022.

Organized for the first time in 2019, the 2nd edition of the Backyard Project will focus on the diversity of proposals (café racer, flat tracker, electric motorcycle, neo-classic…) and profiles of candidates who embody our values. Creativity, audacity, “savoir faire”… the Backyard Project will once again offer a space to showcase the most remarkable projects, whether they are the work of rookie builders, recognized workshops or talented amateurs.

Get a chance! Do you have a custom project in progress and never unveiled? Go to your workshops, sharpen your proposal and reveal your bike to the public at large.

The Backyard project is a custom motorcycle creation contest open to all, amateurs and professionals, without restriction of style. Thermal or electric engine, vintage or modern motorcycle, bobber, chopper, café racer, scrambler or others… only the mechanics and its harmony with the overall design of the motorcycle will be evaluated. The selected bikes have to be genuine projects, unveiled for the first time to the public and professionals during Wheels and Waves 2021. 

Motorcycles will be showcased throughout the festival in a dedicated space made available to their creators at the Village Cité de l’océan.

10 projects will be chosen. Send your application to the following email address:, before 30/04/2021, with a presentation of your work  (presentation of your garage, collective, motorcycles and/or other creations made, sketches, photos, blog, Instagram…) and the philosophy of the project made for Wheels and   Waves 2021.  The motorcycle must be completed and ready to ride by 06/15/2021. Selected candidates will be confirmed by email.

In order to foster encounters, the motorcycle must be permanently displayed in the Village. A Wheels and Waves military tent of 10 m2 (5,4m X 2m) will be available for each project, to be arranged freely, in relation to the universe of the motorcycle presented and respecting the aesthetics of the Village: use of materials called “authentic” (metal, canvas, wood, plants …), are prohibited: plastic, PVC banners,  etc. The lighting is provided by us.

In order to maintain the interest of the visitor, participants are allowed to share the progress of their project on all social networks (Facebook, Instagram, tagging Wheels and Waves mandatory) newsletter, press, but in NO case, under penalty of immediate disqualification, to physically, publicly present the completed project before the first day of Wheels and Waves 2021.

A jury composed of 5 personalities representative of Wheels and Waves  – guests, journalists, designers, surfers, photographers… – will choose the winner of the Backyard Project 2021. The jury’s visit to the booths will take place without a scheduled time, depending on the judges’ availability, during the first 3 days of the event. The winning project will be unveiled on Sunday, July 4 on the Village’s main stage.

For the first time, visitors will be able to vote for their favorite by voting on Instagram for the bike of their choice.


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