We dreamt it, nurtured it, it was within our reach, but due to the current health situation and the latest implemented measures, we have been forced to cancel the Wheels and Waves “Hors Serie” edition that was to be held from 3rd to 6th September 2020. 

We knew that postponing the festival from June to September 2020 was subject to the evolution of the health situation. We have been reminded of it every day over the past few weeks. But we decided to try. Boosted by your encouragements, and the unfailing support of local authorities and our partners working alongside us, we did all we could to offer you an event of a slightly different format but just as exhilarating as always.
Yet the evolution of the health crisis over the past few days, the increasing number of unknown elements, and new restrictions which have been legitimately enforced upon us, began to plant seeds of doubt. Today, the doubt has been replaced by a foregone conclusion: the intensification of the situation has made it impossible for us to continue to prepare the “Hors Serie” edition as we imagined it at the beginning of June. And even if we were to bring the project to fruition, where would the pleasure be in coming together without the spontaneity, coolness, craziness and freedom? What is the point in holding an event based on exchange and sharing at a time when everywhere we go, we have to keep our distance? Confronted by the highly restrictive health measures currently in effect, and because we have a responsibility to take part in keeping everyone safe, we feel duty-bound to cancel the event.

To preserve the founding values of the festival, so that Wheels and Waves remains for ever more a time of sharing, celebration and freedom, we will be back in 2021 for our 10th anniversary which, we can tell you now, will be Extraordinary! Until then, stay connected. We will continue to bring you wonderful things to discover and to share…

For all ticket holders, no worries! Check out the conditions for exchange/refunds in your personal account on our website.

The Wheels and Waves team



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If order before August the 9th, get it for wheels and waves 9th edition!!!

The 9th Edition of Wheels and Waves will bring the festival back to its birthplace, a return to its foundations. Where tarmac meets the ocean, the iconic lighthouse in Biarritz will once again host the event.

Images of the sun, sand and surf of Biarritz beaches, the dust of El Rollo, the dirt of the DEUS Swank Rally, drew our thoughts to the early days of motocross in Southern California; inspired by the iconic colours of the Honda motocross team from the 70’s, where the Wheels and Waves lifestyle built its DNA as a way of life.
The HEDON X WHEELS AND WAVES 2020 helmet is a hommage to this time and lifestyle, to where and when it all began…

  • Retro styled, vented MX peak 
  • Composite shell of fibreglass and carbon fibre
  • Heritage design with GOLD LEAF paint, gloss finish
  • Natural calf leather trim and lining
  • Brass anodised Steel HEDON plate
  • Brass anodised steel hardware
  • Weight 800-900 grams upon size
  • ECE 22.05 DOT on request


Take your 4-day online pass now and try to win a 16-day roadtrip for 2 people in the USA. California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, an unforgettable motorcycle trip with our partner INDIAN MOTORCYCLE.

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Drawing of lots on September 3rd, 2020.


From May 25th to June 9th 2021 – From August 9th to 24th 2021 or From August 31st to September 15th 2021 .
(subject to a sufficient number of participants on the dates to confirm departures).


  • Day 1: PARIS / SAN DIEGO 
  • Day 2: SAN DIEGO / PALM SPRINGS (CA – 135 miles) 
  • Day 3: PALM SPRINGS / KINGMAN (AZ – 267 miles)
  • Day 4: KINGMAN/ GRAND CANYON / TUBA CITY (AZ – 268 miles) 
  • Day 5: TUBA CITY / MONUMENT VALLEY / ARCHES / MOAB (UT – 250 miles) 
  • Day 6: MOAB / CAPITOL REEF / BRYCE (UT – 270 Miles) 
  • Day 7: BRYCE / ZION / LAS VEGAS (NV – 250 miles)
  • Day 8: LAS VEGAS 
  • Day 9: LAS VEGAS / DEATH VALLEY / MAMMOTH LAKES (CA – 330 miles)
  • Day 11: MARIPOSA / SACRAMENTO / SAN FRANCISCO (CA – 235 miles) 
  • Day 13: SAN FRANCISCO / SANTA MARIA (CA – 290 miles) 
  • Day 14: SANTA MARIA / LOS ANGELES (CA – 165 miles) 
  • Day 16: PARIS 

Value for two persons: € 10 000.00
Organized and run by All Ways On Wheels.

General terms and conditions


OFFICIAL! It is with great pleasure that we announce that Wheels and Waves “Hors Série”, from 3rd to 6th September 2020, will be held at the Biarritz Lighthouse.

This year, a year unlike any other, with the support of the City of Biarritz our message is symbolic and based on our values and our history, with a special edition that could only be held in one place…and where other than the Biarritz Lighthouse, where our movement was born almost 10 years ago.

This year, the Village will be set up at the foot of this emblematic venue, the rallying point of the first ones Wheels and Waves. We are looking forward to seeing you again for our 9th edition from September the 3rd at this unique and legendary site. Punk’s Peak, El Rollo, DEUS Swank Rally, Artride, LOG surf contest, Hit The Deck skate contest, Sultans of Sprint…Full programme to be released shortly. Stay tuned…

Wheels and Waves 9ème Edition – Hors Série

This is it!!! After long weeks of waiting and at the time we should be meeting you at the Jaizkibel for the Punk’s Peak, we officially announce it, Wheels and Waves 9th edition “Hors Série” will happen in Biarritz from September 3rd to 6th, 2020.

Nine years ago, Wheels and Waves 1st edition was happening in Biarritz, bringing together around this joyful and very artisanal initiative a few dozen fans of art, motorcycle and surfing from all over Europe. Since then, the Wheels and Waves family has generously grown, claiming for this annual meeting of sharing and fun. 

Since 2012, obstacles have often been a source of creativity. This year, the challenge is huge, but the messages of support that you have sent recently have made us measure the lack felt. It is with this in mind that we have been working very hard for several weeks now and we look forward to seeing you in Biarritz for 4 days of ride,culture, party and fun….

If you are already a 5-day pass holder for June 2020, your ticket is automatically valid for the next edition of Wheels and Waves from 3 to 6 September 2020.

You will soon be able to choose in your personal space if you wish to participate in the September event or receive a credit valid for 18 months. The full program of the event will be revealed in the next weeks, stay tuned!


Following the announcement of the French President on Monday 13 April, Wheels and Waves will not happen from 10 to 14 June 2020. This decision is a new challenge for gathering people and being creative.

Wheels and Waves has often had to face the unexpected, overcome obstacles of various kinds to make this superb event as we dream it. According to the intact motivation of the public and our partners, Biarritz authority, tourist office, local economic actors, builders, artists, journalists, photographers, influencers and despite the unprecedented nature of the crisis we are going through, we have worked in the hope of keeping the event going. Today, this government decision, which we fully respect with conviction, forces us to review our positions. However, we are still working hard to maintain the links of the Wheels and Waves family: the possibility of a new form in autumn 2020 is being studied, depending on the evolution of the health situation and the related legal measures. We will keep you informed by 31 July 2020.

If you are a 5-day pass holder for the 2020 edition, no need to send us an email or any other message on social networks, we are currently working on different options that we will communicate to you soon.

Now more than ever, Wheels and Waves needs your support and goodwill to preserve its independent spirits, DNA, philosophy that bring us together. Support your local event!

Indian x Wheels and Waves 2019 Contest

Rémi Bourderioux, a teacher from south west of France, won the FTR1200 drawn by Indian Motorcycle during the previous edition of Wheels and Waves. His name was revealed on Saturday June 15, 2019 on the main stage of the festival village. “I thought it was a good joke first before I realized I was the owner of the bike. I am crazy about mechanics, I was super happy. The handing over of the keys by Pierre Audoin at the Indian dealership in Biarritz also remains an excellent memory, and I must say that the exchanges shared on this occasion marked me as much as the bike that I won. The concession staff, the Indian officials who made the trip, Wheels and Waves founders, everyone was super friendly, we had a great time. If there is one thing that I remember from this experience, it is that behind each machine there are people, and that encounters are indeed the engine of my passion. “

(photo : Eric Malherbe)

Backyard Project 2020 Call to Creation

Let’s back to workshop! For the second year, Wheels and Waves is running a custom motorcycle contest. Ten projects will be selected from and exhibited during the festival, to showcase the skill and encourage the audacity of amateur and professional bike makers.

Held for the first time in June 2019, the inaugural edition of the Backyard Project was striking for the diversity of the entries – cafe racers, flat trackers, electric and neo-classical motorcycles. Equally striking were the entrants’ profiles, which included young bike makers, new workshops and talented amateurs. The ten winning customizers benefited from a first class display of their creations, and all agreed that it led them to fruitful exchanges with new talents and inspiring people and sometimes to initiate new collaborations.  It was Pierre Etienne’s Ducati racer, aka the Kerozin Workshop, which won the jury’s unanimous vote and which will be exhibited at the 2020 Artride (a jury which featured notably Jeremy Tagand, head bike builder from Deus Ex Machina, and Pascal Tomek, Motul). Given the great interest generated by all the entries, this year we’ve decided to involve  Visitors, who will be able to vote.

Take your chance! Are you working on a customization project which is awaiting to be revealed? This is the right time to get back to your workshop and fine tune your entry. Send your application to

Competition rules:
The Backyard Project is a custom motorcycle competition open to both amateurs and professionals. The competition is aimed at revealing the creativity and skill of future and established talents in the field, without any restrictions on style. Electric or petrol engines, old or modern cycles, bobbers, choppers, café racers, scramblers or others…..only the display of the mechanics, and its harmony with the overall design of the motorcycle will be up for judgement. The winning motorcycles will have never been previously displayed, and will be unveiled for the first time to professionals and the public during Wheels and Waves.

How to enter:
Ten projects will be selected. Please send your entry to, before 29th February 2020, accompanied by a presentation of your universe (your garage, your collective, your motorcycles and/or other personal creations, sketches, photos, blog, Instagram account) and of the philosophy of the project created for Wheels and Waves 2020.

The motorcycle must be totally completed and ready to ride before 15th May 2020. The selected candidates will be informed of their participation by email.

 Stand organisation:
In order to encourage exchanges with visitors, the winning motorcycles will be permanently exhibited onsite throughout the duration of the festival. A Wheels and Waves military tent measuring 10m2 (5.4m X 2m) will be supplied for each project, and can be set up by the entrant in accordance with the motorcycle’s design, while respecting the aesthetic of the Village:   use of ‘natural’ materials (metal, canvas, wood, plants), and no plastic, banners or PVC. Lighting will be provided.

Backyard Project Jury
A jury composed of five iconic faces representing the world of Wheels and Waves – guests, journalists, designers – will decide the winner of the Backyard Project 2020. The jury’s visit to each booth will be unscheduled and will take place during the first three days of the event, when the judges are available. Besides jury vote, a percentage will be dedicated to Visitors vote. The project winner will be revealed on Sunday 14th June on the main stage in the Village.