At almost 50 days from the D-DAY, here is the detailed program of the third WHEELS and WAVES which is happening from June 12th to 15th, in Biarritz. Where shall we start ?

Maybe with a booster shot about the Southsiders crew, who has been (and still is!) working hard to produce this third edition. No doubt it is the biggest challenge they ever undertook, but what an adventure. The Southsiders are making a point of honor to remain faithful to their dreams, that they try to make come true. Customizers, garage mechanics and event organizers, they are always looking for new challenges.

This year, the program is getting richer and also, geographically spreading its playground to the vast borders of the Basque Country that the crew deeply loves. While the “Wheels” have always been predominant, the “Waves” will also get their share of the program this year.

Yes, we’re excited to introduce a revival surf contest, which will take place in Anglet, on the beach “La Petite Chambre d’Amour”. Organised by the local surf crew “The Switched Kick Out Surf Syndicate”, the contest named “THIRSTY FINS” will be opened to anyone (registrations on from May 15th) and will see competitors face each other on old school surfboards – all provided on location. This should be a lot of fun 🙂

As for the “Wheels”, they will be everywhere… Faded engines and the most stunning custom bikes will be displayed at the heart of the festival, at the Biarritz lighthouse. There, you will find incredible pieces of art coming straight out of museums, private collections, but also from the most accurate European customizer’s workshops. Also note the participation of Brough Superior !

Now let’s talk adrenaline, and jump on the other side of the border where the “PUNK’S PEAK” will take place on Friday 13th! Expect a race like no others, a mix of hill climbing and sprint that will see 32 riders “fight for their life” (at least 🙂 on the Jaizkibel mountain – tremendous spot overlooking the ocean. Starting in the dirt, hands on the helmet, the crazy run will lead the riders to a vertiginous montain road, ending with a final sprint through the many laces. We feel like saying “sensitive souls, pass your way”…

On Saturday, we’re taking you on an epic ride of 250 km through the peaceful lands of the inner Basque Country. Watch a little teaser here to get a first taste of what will be a day to remember for everyone. (The roadmap will be online soon).


Also, we are very pleased to reveal the new place where the collective art exhibition will be hosted. The Garage Foch is where more than 15 artists and brands will be featured, perfect spot of 1200 sqm.

The “ART RIDE” exhibition features :


Horst Friedrichs / Nicholas Coleman /Conrad Leach / Paul D’Orleans / Polo Garat / BMW Ernst Henne / Brough Superior / Les Ateliers Ruby / Royal Enfield / Motul

Surf ( in partnership with Surffilmfestibal Donosti)

Hydronautica : Stevie Gee & John Isaac / Gabe Sullivan / Lost & Found / Luc Rolland


Lewis Leathers / Barbour / Schott


Almost everything has been said… The meeting point will remain the same during all the festival, definite appointment at the foot of Biarritz lighthouse, from Thursday 12th. You will find there exposing pits from our brand partners, photo studio, vintage fair, music, beer, barbecue. Wheels & Waves is a free of entrance festival, open to all. Only the registrations to the surf contest, the hill climb and the ride are necessary, for an efficient and smooth flow, register on our website from May 15th.

See you soon kids !!