July 02, 2021



Early July in the heart of the Landes, Wheels and Waves gave the riders a “rendez-vous” for two days of races in the middle of the pines, on the spot of the Bud Racing Training Camp: First day dedicated to the El Rollo flat track race and second one to vintage enduro with the now iconic Wheels and Waves x Deus Swank Rally. Friday July 2nd, the flat track opened the “hostilities”.

Built especially for the event, the track was the result of skills shared over the months. We designed the “ring” and guided the Bud Racing crew who, with their experience, brought their technical and logistic support. Based on that, was born an association which, once again, build our long adventure made of encounters.

The day before the race, the first attendees arrived in the freshly installed paddocks. The pleasure of seeing each other again was visible on all faces, the excitement was rising. Friday morning, it was time for the final adjustments.

Last check, start the engines, each protagonist proudly wearing his best outfit as soon as the warm up was launched. The day was going to be a great one and the sun was going to be blazing!


At the beginning of the afternoon, the runs followed each other in a very hot atmosphere. The thrilled audience heated made the temperature rise (already well in the red on the thermometer). Neck and neck, the pilots overtake each other, fall, some break, others forget to tighten their fork… to finish at the end of the line with the handlebars between the hands… but without bike.

Indian, Triumph, Bsa, Harley… The set is exceptional! It is a rare occasion to see such a dense and eclectic concentration of vintage motorcycles. Those who thought that these machines belong to the past realize what the pilots are able to do with these machines which did not lose anything of their ardour.

Credit : Dufaure, Joret, Lazzaro, Cassagne, Bronard, Criado, Mayol


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