An ideal space of freedom for encounters and adventures. An immersive world.​

WHEELS AND WAVES – It’s a state of mind, a unique aestheticism, inspired by the motorcycle culture and shaken by our various influences. We rely on the past, on “savoir faire” to live the present and talk about the future.

FESTIVALWheels and Waves creates timeless experiences, mixing various influences: motorcycle, surf, skate, music, art, allowing to dream, imaginate and share.



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«The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn»

Jack Kerouac – On the road

2021, and Wheels and Waves is 10 years old. A double-digit anniversary confirming our belief that Wheels and Waves may have been a flamboyant utopia but never a fleeting one! A symbolic anniversary, of course, on which to proclaim that Wheels and Waves has worked with conviction towards the renaissance of custom culture around the world, and that today it is clearly one of this movement’s major showcases. It is the expression of our contemporary vision of a lifestyle freely combining our favourite activities – biking, surfing, skating and diverse forms of artistic expression -, and an event which, from one year to the next, has continuously defined its unique identity, bringing together in its wake the most creative elements of these flagship disciplines.

We are both the instigators and fortunate witnesses of this creative explosion. And it is with an equally intense joy that we see this creativity continuing to flow. You need only observe in every corner of the world how movements are taking shape, aesthetics blending, skills re-emerging and practices reinventing themselves in order to be convinced.






Behind the scenes, follow all our adventures here and stay tuned to learn about  the latest news and information from Wheels And Waves.


Wheels and Waves has imagined a timeless collection of ready-to-wear, between sportswear and pieces inspired by vintage motorcycle racing garment, which will naturally find its place in your wardrobe.

Inspired by our encounters, travels and history, our collection is the interpretation of Wheels and Waves values: authenticity, durability, aestheticism… Made essentially in Europe, we target local production in a short and controlled cycle.

Inspired by our encounters, travels and history, our collection is the interpretation of Wheels and Waves values: authenticity, durability, aestheticism… Made essentially in Europe, we target local production in a short and controlled cycle.

Évènement interdit

Cher(e)s Ami(e)s,

Au moment où le gouvernement encourage les ouvertures culturelles, les déconfinements artistiques, et les reprises évènementielles, les routes s’arrêtent brutalement pour Wheels and Waves 10ème édition.

Après des semaines de hauts et de bas, de discussions aussi contrastées et vallonnées que les paysages basques dans lesquels le festival est né il y a 10 ans, le temps était revenu au beau fixe, mais malheureusement, nous voilà aujourd’hui INTERDITS 🚫.

La décision est tombée et nous avec, nous faisant très mal, il faut dire que nous étions penchés dans le dernier virage et à pleine vitesse, trois semaines avant le lancement.

L’évènement est INTERDIT 🚫, et nous le sommes aussi. Tristes et meurtris de voir cet anniversaire sur lequel nous avons tant travaillé éteindre ses bougies avant même d’avoir pu les souffler ensemble.

Perplexes également face à ces portes qui se sont fermées violemment et soudainement, il n’y avait pourtant aucun vent contraire ou courant d’air pour l’annoncer…

Merci à vous toutes et tous d’avoir eu simplement envie qu’on existe encore et longtemps, dans ce genre de moment, il est bon d’être en famille.

Quoi qu’il en soit l’année n’est pas terminée pour Wheels and Waves qui envisage d’autres horizons comme liberté… pour ne pas vivre l’interdiction à Biarritz comme une mort mais comme un obstacle à contourner.
Nous vous tiendrons informé(e)s, en attendant ridez, surfez, skatez, travaillez dans vos ateliers, vivez pour que nous vivions et restez connecté(e)s pour continuer à vivre de nouvelles aventures, de nouvelles expériences…

L’équipe Wheels and Waves.

A tous les détenteurs de billets reportés à 2021, un e-mail vous sera adressé prochainement concernant les modalités et options. Merci pour votre patience et votre soutien.

Event prohibited

Dear Friends,

At a time when the French government is encouraging the cultural sector to open its doors, an end to artistic lockdown and events to start up again, the road comes to an abrupt end for the 10th anniversary of Wheels and Waves.

Following weeks of ups and downs, of talks as contrasting and undulating as the Basque landscapes in which the festival was born 10 years ago, the weather had settled but unfortunately, the event has been PROHIBITED🚫.

The decision has been made and has hit us hard, very hard, as we were leaning into the final bend at full speed, three weeks before launching.

The event is PROHIBITED🚫, and so are we. Sad and hurt to see this Anniversary for which we have worked so hard have its candles snubbed out before we could even blow them out together.

Also perplexed, left standing in front of doors that were so violently and suddenly shut in our faces, when there was no adverse wind or draught to warn us…

Thank you all, you have wanted us to simply carry on existing, now and for years to come. At times like these, it’s good to have your family with you.

In any case, the year is not over and we are looking to other horizons to find freedom… so as not to take the ban in Biarritz as our demise but as an obstacle to get around.
We will keep you posted, and until then, ride, surf, skate, work in your workshops, live so that we may live and stay connected until new adventures, new experiences bring us together once more…

The Wheels and Waves team.

To all 2021 postponed ticket holders, an email will be sent to you shortly regarding terms and options. Thank you for your patience and support.