Wheels and Waves x Unit Motor Shop launch the coolest bar pad motocross, a limited edition of 30 for your enduro or old school BMX. Decked out with stars and glitter in a pure 70’s spirit, marked with gold letters, it will not fail to get noticed.

For Unit Motor Shop, Wheels and Waves is more than just an event, it’s a real show where the riders prepare their entrance to ensure the show. It’ s in the spirit of the pre-1975 motorcycles that Wheels and Waves likes, that they thought and realized this crash bar, entirely handmade and packed in its glittery case.To enter the arena, elbow, crash, win and shine on the track!

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Unit Motor Shop Father & Sons is a garage that loves playing and competing. Gilles the “daron” and his sons, Simon and Antoine, work together on their projects from start to finish. As purists, they prepare their vintage motorcycles with seriousness, but always with the idea of riding them, on every imaginable terrain. Their state of mind? Authenticity and fun!