Each belt of this collab is unique. The raw brass buckle is cast from a mold of the Poursin foundry dating from the 19th century, which is exclusive to Brainshot Trends. It is made of organic tanned “croupon” leather, a leather which holds its exceptional specificity from its rarity and the quality of its tanning. Watermarked with a hot-pressed WAW, this accessory of our collection, handcrafted up to the hidden mention on the back, real timeless must have will be on your hips for decades…
Bernard Testemale aka Brainshot Trends. Wheels and Waves regulars have met him since 2015 and know him for his collodion portraits of the event’s iconic people and bikes. For two decades, he has been shooting the world’s best surfers and the alternative surf scene all over the world. A lover of artisanal “savoir faire” and organic materials, he has been working with leather for a few years now. For the first time, his photos will be showcased at Artride 2022 .


– 100% organic leather
– Brass pin buckle
– Watermark: WAW design hot pressed
– Solid color
– Width : 4cm
– Tip: trapezoidal shape